Write Your Blog, White Paper or Book.

I make it easy for you to produce a blog, white paper or book.  You don’t even have to write a word.  Make it easy, contact me today about my ghostwriting services.

It doesn’t have to be difficult.  Everyone has a story to tell that others want to read. But most don’t know what that story is or how to write it.  I help clients  identify, capture and tell their story in a blog, white paper or book.  


Many Reasons to Write A Blog, White Paper or Book.

  • EMERGING LEADERS develop their credibility by sharing new and valuable content.
    • Get More Attention
    • Develop and Share your Ideas
    • Become a Thought Leader
    • Increase your sales.
    • explain their philosophy
    • increase their market visibility
    • and record their experiences.
  • ASPIRING LEADERS find their voice and leverage their ideas.
  • Seemingly average people leave their LEGACY by writing the story of their heritage.

Contact me to get started

Why Hire Me?

  • I have written a weekly blog for 6 years.
  • I have written 12 books, eight in one year, and will be releasing another this fall.
  • I know how and why to write.
  • I have learned what readers want.    DSC_0161[1]
  • I also know how to write blogs, white papers and books quickly.  But more important,
  • I know how to write blogs, white papers and books that matter most – even if it is only for a few people.  Maybe most important, I love writing and communicating.  It is my passion.
  • IT IS NOT ABOUT ME.  I work with you to identify your most valuable knowledge and ideas.
  • I am trained in identifying what is most important.
  •  I love writing important stories that capture favorite family memories, histories, dreams and aspirations.  I love writing about successful business owners and leaders who dared to do what others thought unlikely if not impossible.  That message is critical for today’s radically changing world.  But then there is that PhD.  I studied stories and the power of language at the highest level.
  • I know the theories and know how to apply them in everyday life.  I can help you make what seems like an impossible project a reality that makes a tremendous difference to those that know and love you.  Maybe I love this so much because I have learned from writing my family’s legacy.
  • I saw the benefits firsthand.  My mother and father would have never written a book about themselves – but they had so many valuable stories that needed to be recorded.  They lived on a tiny farm in South Dakota but lived an honest life that has served as a solid foundation for many generations.  Yet some, like my new grandson, will only know them through our stories.  Now, with the book I wrote, he will always have the stories that even I did not know as a child. He will even be able to share those stories with his children and grandchildren.  Isn’t that fantastic?
  • I customize the process for every client.  Your legacy is unique and so this is no cookie cutter program.  It is a personal service designed to help you leave the story that is most important to you.

Make it easy.  Tell your story, share your knowledge, become a thought leader.  

Contact me, Dr. Murfield, today to explore the possibilities and begin the writing you want and need.



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