How does he Reach that High? The #RunningServant amazes me.

From the moment I met him, I sensed something different. I just didn’t know how much. Aaron Buros emerged from the crowd carrying the 13-minute pacer flag. I was running the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15K in Tampa in December of 2018. He was the pacer for my corral. With his stature and that big smile, he was a commanding presence. But that was only the beginning. We were about to learn just how much and why.


3 Tips to Disrupt your Body in 2017

Brent Gleeson , a former Navy Seal, shows leaders how physical fitness helps them develop energy, confidence, mental awareness and creativity to increase productivity and influence in facing challenges. Let’s face it, when we look and feel good, we are more positive and are willing to take on new challenges.  Others want to follow us when we feel…

She Ran Right by her $6 Million Dollar Opportunity. Why?

Why didn’t she see it sooner? Anne Mahlum, like many of us, didn’t see the multi-million dollar opportunity right away.  Why?  Like many of us, she wasn’t seeing the opportunities because of the obstacles.  Maybe you are doing the same thing.  Maybe you are running right by your multi-million dollar opportunity every day. Maybe that…