Are You Standing Outside the Fire?

Garth Brooks’s hit song, “Standing Outside the Fire” asks a provocative question for those of us interested in disruptive innovation. Deep down, we need to know, “How willing are we to be burned? Are we willing to take the ultimate risk?”


Guiding Your Team to Unseen Potential

As leaders, it is up to us to guide our organizations. We are expected to have the vision and craft the strategy to make that vision a reality. Unfortunately, the only vision some leaders have is watching other leaders and following their tracks. While that is great in a fairly stable environment, the current world of rapid and radical innovation and disruption makes that nearly impossible. To lead we must have a powerful vision and the ability to guide ourselves and our team to that end.

How will Automated Cars Impact You?

Automated cars are coming. Some people are excited. Many are apprehensive. What do you think? In this series, we are examining 7 Industries that are ripe for disruption. As an executive coach and author helping individuals think bigger and reach higher, I am using this post to help you re-engineer your thinking about innovation. Having grown up…

5 Quotes to Dare to Be Different

5 Quotes to Dare to Be Different Disruptive leaders dare to be different. Once we start thinking differently, we can take different approaches and deliver far different (better) results. That is being a disruption. This is a very simple thought but one that I find usually keeps people from making their breakthrough. They are too complacent…