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Are you

  • Looking for that first big promotion?
  • Wanting to break out as a leader in the digital age?
  • Determined to be that disruptive leader, challenging the status quo?
  • Interested in doing what others think is impossible?

In this disruptive program, you will learn to

  • Identify hidden leadership power,
  • Declare your knowledge, skills, attitudes and goals to be appreciated and recognized,
  • Leverage your leadership power in whatever position you currently hold,
  • Be seen as an expert,
  • Increase performance through reward and punishment power,
  • Build camaraderie with your team, peers and executives with GREAT communication,
  • Sense the best opportunities in this 3D world of paradigm-shifting change,
  • Become the 3D leader that others willingly follow to disrupt the status quo in your organization, industry and world, making you the envy of any organization.

This is no ordinary leadership training.  Work at your own pace, work online, test and increase your knowledge, skills and attitudes while raising your goals with compelling questions, provocative real-life scenarios and instruction that balance the best theory with decades of practical experience. This is your opportunity to leverage your power with a cutting-edge paradigm that can rock the world.   If you are serious about leveraging your 3D leadership power to do what seems impossible, go to now.

Dr. Loren Murfield