10-min-cover10 Minutes of Insanity

He had already overcome incredible odds to have his ultimate dream at his fingertips.  So why did he pull a prank that almost cost him everything?

People have been asking this question for 45 years and now the 1972 Heisman Trophy winner is finally ready to tell his story.

Johnny Rodgers didn’t just tell another “what went wrong” story of an elite athlete.  No, that would be like calling for a “fair catch” as a punt receiver, something that in all his high school, college and professional days, he never once called for.  Instead, he bravely recounted his fear of a rooster that terrified him as a 3 year old – and how he learned from that opponent to develop his unique running style.  He recounted struggling for oxygen as an asthmatic and now teaches that “to succeed you must want something as bad as you want oxygen.

This is not your typical story.  It is powerful enough to disrupt your life.  You will enjoy the story because it is fast paced, entertaining and shows how one mistake can alter our biggest dreams.  But it offers a redeeming list of lessons learned that direct from a man who overcame 2 million to 1 odds.

Check it out.  Available in ebook, paperback, audio and signature hard back edition.

“Now What?  Secrets to Sensing New Opportunities When You Need Them Most”

Now What book coverEveryone facing a challenge asks this compelling question. “Now What?”  But often we don’t know how to answer it.

Wait no longer.  This is the complete guide to answering that question whether you need to make more money, find the best job, meet the right people or make a difference. This book is for employees seeking a promotion or raise, entrepreneurs on the lookout for new business services and products, the unemployed in the quest for the next job, retirees in quest of fulfilling ways to follow a successful career.

I wrote this book because we all experience those times when our lives are sh next.  I know because I have been there in both the bad and the good.  I wished I would have had a guide like this.  This book will help you lead yourself when our present world has been shattered.  I’m very confident that you will refer to this guide again and again as you seek to answer, “Now what?”  

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“The Black Book of Making More Money in Tough Times”

Black Book of MMM in Tough Times 2013

Many think it is impossible to make money when everyone else seems to be struggling.  But in my  second book, you will find how small, medium and large businesses have done just that.  The great companies  realize increased performance, production and profits over a longer period of time, even in the Tough Times, because they follow these time honored principles.  Meanwhile, lesser companies stand in awe, wondering how the great ones do it, while continuing to struggle to survive.  They watch and wonder how anyone could take this bold step while the best leaders know it is common sense and the good business practice

In reading this book, you will find that I balance theory with practicality.  You will find carefully exposed the myths of the industrial age that are no longer relevant in the shared economy.  You will also find how for-profit and non-profit organizations integrate this paradigm shift into all aspects of business from Customer Service to Sales to HR, Finance, and Management.

Throughout my writings, I challenge the reader to settle for nothing but the best.  You will find yourself asking the following questions:

Do I have the courage to take this bold step?

Will I embrace this innovative and proven business model?

Will I step forward as a leader in this new age?

Click here to order your copy of “The Black Book of Making More Money in Tough Times” today.


“Chevettes to Corvettes:  Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business”

Book Cover . 3Sit down, buckle up and hang on because you are in for a wild ride. Forget ordinary and mundane, get ready for the thrills, chills and excitement as this book holds the power to accelerate your business into the fast lane. Shift into action as you learn how to adapt the same principles Chevrolet used to transform an introductory model into the sought after legend.

This is my first book and you will find several layers in this reading.  On one level, I write about building the very best business.  On another level, you will learn much about how the Corvette came to be known as “The Ultimate American Sports Car.”  But if you look beyond the brand name, you will find my passion for living the ultimate life, of dreaming of those things far beyond what we thought possible.  You will get a glimpse of a little boy’s dreams that came to become reality.

Click here to order your copy of “Chevettes to Corvettes: Unleashing the Ultimate Small Business” today.


“The R.O.I. of Compassion”

ROI CompassionCan Compassion Improve the Bottom Line?
Absolutely!!!   In fact, being compassionate is the most profitable way to do business. While many believe just the opposite, we find that companies generate their best Return On Investment when they help employees cope during traumatic times that occur outside of the workplace. This book is written as both a resource manual and a strategic tool for Human Resources professionals, Managers and Executives. Case studies from diverse situations, industries and locations illustrate how employers help employees in all eight aspects of their personal lives, ultimately enhancing their bottom line. Companies report improved morale, loyalty and production with reduced turnover and absenteeism.

We wrote this book because many managers and executives struggle balancing compassion in the workplace.  Either too much or far too little.  Yet striking that balance is what ensures engaged employees who perform at their peak, generating the ultimate production and maximizing profits.

Click here to order your copy of “The R.O.I. of Compassion” today.


“Humble Homesteaders”

Humble HomesteadersHumble Homesteaders is the compelling story of two families risking their lives in search of the ultimate opportunity. Follow the trek as they journeyed west to settle the lonely prairies of South Dakota. Read how homesteading was the next significant step, following immigration from Europe, to carving out a life of persistence, principled living and prosperity. Study how they engaged the community to overcome drought, wars, extreme weather, illness and death. Within these pages, you will find ordinary people, not celebrities or national leaders, experiencing the ultimate by being diligent in doing what was right. Grounded in their faith, they humbly lived their lives, raised a family and left a legacy. This is the story of what is possible when one is focused, faithful and forward thinking. Humble

Within these pages you will learn how these humble families learned and leaned on their

  • Values,
  • Community,
  • Family,
  • Education, and
  • Faith

to overcome the

  • Loss of their Farms,
  • The Great Depression,
  • World War II,
  • Personal Illness, and
  • Family Injury.

This book is a rare challenge to step back from our busy lives and assess what we have been given.  It is also a refreshing challenge to leave the legacy we want.  Embrace the challenge to sense and seize your opportunity to leave the legacy you want.

I wrote this book for one main reason, to honor my parents as they reach 90 years old.  Part of that reason is recording the family history for those grandkids, great grandkids and others who would follow that would never know my parents.  In the midst of this book, I found a very profound sense of my own identity as a grandchild of a homesteader.  In the years since that writing, I have come to understand why I dream like others don’t and take risks to live those dreams.

So this isn’t merely a story of some family you don’t know but instead the story of every family and how we pass the legacy of our values to the following generations.  I hope it will be an inspiration for all to record their own stories so they are not lost within a generation of their passing.

To purchase your copy, click here now.


RessurrectionResurrection:  The Ultimate Opportunity

Talk about Radical Change!  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most phenomenal act in human history.  He rose from the dead.  Many still don’t believe it is possible.  But yet, it revolutionized the world by first transforming 11 men from fearful followers to dynamic, world changing disciples – in just 50 days.  2000 years later, the Resurrection offers each of us those same incredible opportunities to transform ourselves and then radically change the world around us.

RESURRECTION:  The Ultimate Opportunity is a 50 day devotional designed to begin on Easter and conclude on Pentecost.  (But it can be effective in any 50 period).  Those 50 days were critical in the early church.  The daily readings are short but provocative, touching on 50 opportunities that each of us have to become strong and effective leaders.  I doubt you have found another book like this one.  Get your copy and begin making today the beginning of your phenomenal transformation.

Click here to purchase your copy and begin your ultimate transformation.



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