Finding Your Place to Stand – Becoming the Disruptive Leader

AmIFoolingMyselfThe current world of radical and rapid change demands every member of the organization become a disruptive leader.  Unfortunately many doubt they currently have the power to disrupt because they don’t think they have a place to stand in the organization.   In this provocative presentation, executives, managers and front line personnel learn the secrets of helping others leverage their current power  to strategically eclipse simple change to leading organizational transformation that disrupts the market by being better, faster or cheaper.

Upon completion of the presentation, leaders should be able to

  • Assess the strategic opportunities available when we help everyone in the organization become the agent of radical change.
  • Implement and Integrate the 3 Dimensional Approach to transforming Followers into Leaders focused on Radical Results
  • Articulate this 3 Dimensional Approach of Leveraging Power to Executives, Managers and Front Line Personnel

Contact Dr. Murfield today to explore how he can speak to your organization.


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