TED Talk Think Tank: Mastermind for Radical Change


Join us Friday, March 16 for our next TED Talk Think Tank.

The world is changing and how we see the world is changing. “Maps that show us who we are (not just where we are?)” What does the world look like when you map it using data? Social geographer Danny Dorling invites us to see the world anew, with his captivating and insightful maps that show Earth as it truly is — a connected, ever-changing and fascinating place in which we all belong. You’ll never look at a map the same way again.

Map woman

The question we will ask is, “How will seeing our demographics in a different way will help us find the disruptive opportunities for our business?


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I began leading my monthly Mastermind for Radical Change in August of 2014 at the radically reinvented Centre Club in Tampa, FL. I have labeled this program”TED Talk Think Tank” because we gather for lunch, watch an 18 minute TED Talk video and then engage in a vigorous discussion about radical change.  By the end of this 90-minute session, every participant leaves with one idea that they can implement immediately.


In August we marked our 3 Year Birthday .” 

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Come for lunch.

Watch the video.

Join the discussion.

Mastermind Radical Change.

New TED imageIf you are in Tampa Bay area, make your reservations today.

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Limited Seating, RSVP today!

Contact Member Concierge at
813.286.4040 | contactus@centretampa.com

What Do Members Say about TED Talk Think Tank?

“TED Talk Think Tank is habit forming.  It is exciting to connect with good people and great ideas.  I don’t want to miss a session.”    Gil Effron, Business and Marketing Strategist, Author of How to Close More Business in Less Time!

 The Centre Club in Tampa is especially fortunate to have the leadership of Dr. Loren Murfield to moderate these talks.  One of his unique skills is the ability to get conversation flowing in a positive and productive manner.  I’ve never heard anyone walk away from one of Dr. Murfield’s TED Talk Think Tank sessions without feeling a bit more exposed to the possibilities and opportunities this universe has to offer.  Raymond Frazier, Past President of Board of Governors, Centre Club, Tampa.

“Each month I look forward to attending TED Talks because I always walk away with tangible instructions to increase my profitability.”   Samantha L. Dammer, Esq.Managing Attorney, Tampa Law Advocates

 “I schedule TED Talk Think Tank every month (I am in town) because it helps me challenge my thinking and keep an open mind to the infinite possibilities we all have available to us to use in our business and personal life”                                          Valerie Lipstein, Life Coach, www.CouplesandBusiness.com

“Dr Loren chooses wonderful, thought provoking TED Talks for the group to dissect.  I can always take something away from these sessions to use in my everyday living.  I find that I learn so much and meet so many interesting people, it’s a shame when my schedule requires me to miss a month.  To quote ‘The Most Interesting Man’:  I don’t always attend TED Talks with Dr. Loren, but when I do I get much, much more out of it than what I paid to attend.  Seriously, this is the best use of 90 minutes and $17 I can think of.”  Elaine Bovinette, Centre Club member and Weight Watchers Service Provider/meeting leader.

“The TED Talk Think Tank, facilitated by Dr. Loren Murfield, is always an intellectual treat.  It’s a rare opportunity to explore thought provoking topics with other open-minded business leaders, and I always come away with new ideas I can employ in my own business and in life.”         Jennifer Frazier, President, The Creative Stable