How Do You Build Your Disruptive Breakthrough Team?

Many biographies overemphasize the individuality of great leaders, inventors and athletes.  Those that have done great things had a great team behind them.  They learned from a great leader and had great support. They knew that “if you can accomplish your goal all by yourself, it’s too small.”  So how did they build their disruptive team? How do you build your disruptive team?

In this post, we will examine 4 elements for building a disruptive breakthrough team.  Maintaining the status quo isn’t good enough in the world of rapid and radical change. We need a disruptive breakthrough, a radical change. 

Leadership Lessons in Trump’s First Week

Whether you approve or disapprove of Donald Trump, there are many leadership lessons to discuss from his first week in office. This post isn’t designed to debate Trumps’ actions but rather to illustrate lessons we can learn to leverage our leadership power more effectively.  It doesn’t matter whether we are executives, managers, human resources or entrepreneurs,…

What was he Thinking?

It started as a crazy college prank.  It almost cost him his biggest dream and haunted him for 45 years. What was he thinking?   The headlines report promising athletes, movie stars and politicians who make regrettable mistakes that ruined their careers.  The list is lengthy including Ray Rice, Gary Hart, Paula Deen, Paul Reubens…