7 Ways to Help Your Team “Bounce Up” in times of Grief

One of phrases we discussed in last week’s post was “Get over it.” We noted that trauma disables our innovative strategy and as leaders we must work to connect, to collaborate and create. In the process, we work to help others “bounce up” from what has taken them down.


5 Phrases to Eliminate from Your Innovative Workplace

“I didn’t realize that was offensive.” Most people never think about the cliches they use in the workplace – until they experience the trauma. They don’t understand that common phrases can be obstacles to creating the disruptive innovation they desire.

How do You Disrupt like Alex Honnold of Free Solo?

Alex Honnold was the first to climb El Capitan without ropes. El Cap is considered the most difficult 3000 foot granite face in the entire world. It was not climbed until 1958 and event then took 3 days over a 16 day stretch. How could Honnold climb this in less than 4 hours? How can you do something “impossible” by following the same process?