Are your Goals Worthy of a SuperHero?

SuperHeroes have bigger goals. They save the world.

That is pretty impressive. Maybe that is why there are so many fans. An estimated 24 million people identified themselves as SuperHero fans, almost half of them are women. For those of us who are not raving fans, what is the attraction?

The answer is pretty easy. People are attracted to those who do what we never thought possible. The SuperHero comics and movies draw an audience that embraces fantasy. How popular? In 2015, the New York Comiccon brought in 167,000 fans for a 4 day event. Many if not most of those fans dressed as their favorite character. Now that is a raving fan base.

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Living in Fantasy

One of the draws is that in fantasy, these SuperHeroes have goals that we cannot even imagine in our daily lives. Putting on the costume helps them imagine what they could be.

Is that silly?

Not really. At least from my perspective.

I’m not a big SuperHero fan nor have I ever been to Comiccon but I love that they are willing to entertain a fantasy for at least for a few hours. The challenge is to take that inspiration and do something significant in our real lives. It means adapting a breakthrough attitude, acquiring the knowledge and honing the skills to do something that many think is unrealistic, crazy and even silly. When we entertain that fantasy and live there, that is when we do what others never imagined.

Fantastic Goals

The SuperHero sets goals that humans won’t, in part, because they know what is possible. They live in what many of us would consider a fantasy world and so they set fantastic goals. After all, what “normal” human being would ever imagine setting goals to “save the world” ?

You might be surprised.  Salim Ismail challenges readers to find their Massive Transformational Purpose (MTP) in “Exponential Organizations.” To achieve 10x growth, companies set fantastic goals that are reflected in their position statements.

  • TED: “Ideas worth spreading”
  • Google: Organize the world’s information.”
  • Quirky: Make invention accessible.”

Note that none of these statements state what the company does but rather what they aspire to accomplish. The MTP then is a “higher, aspirational purpose of the organization.” 

The key to the MTP is radical transformation, not incremental transaction. To make your fantastic goal, think aspirational and world changing. Don’t be shy. Think bigger and reach higher.

Your Disruptive Challenge

In this series I’ve challenged you to adopt a Superhero attitude, acquire disruptive knowledge and hone breakthrough skills. But this challenge demands something far more intimate. To breakthrough, you need to develop what may seem like fantastic goals. You need an MTP for your career and/or your business. It cannot be just another goal or one that you only intend to play with in your leisurely fantasies.

Your fantastic goal must become real, written down and strategized to make a disruptive change that the world applauds. Even more, the fantastic goals must be at the core of everything you do, a part of your identity. Otherwise, we are merely donning a costume for a few hours living in a fantasy world and entertaining crazy thoughts that will never become reality. There is a better way.

A Harsh Reality but a Goal Achieved

When working warehousing and factory jobs until I returned to college at age 31, I used to pass the time while working mind numbing jobs by entertaining what I would like to do. In all of those daydreams, I never dreamed I would ever receive a PhD. But once I got into my first semester, I started to see what was possible and decided to set my career trajectory on teaching college with the doctorate.

My dream became my fantastic goal. I was determined nothing would stand in my way. So I worked long and hard to finish the bachelor’s and master’s. Then I entered my PhD program where I hear a statistic that shocked me.

“54% of never finish their dissertation. And that is of those that finish the coursework and pass their written comprehensive exams.”

That was insane. Those students get to the last step but never finish. Why?

Some don’t think it is possible. Others don’t want to finish the work. Still others get distracted when they get a job. In the end, I believe they didn’t finish because their goals wasn’t real enough to them. They had the fantastic goal but didn’t make it a part of their identity. They were no better than someone putting on a SuperHero costume and spending the afternoon pretending.

I’m proud to say that my entire class finished. I’m most proud that I finished.

That is what it is all about – achieving the goal. That is a great lesson to learn from SuperHeroes. They have fantastic goals and they achieve them.

  • What is your fantastic goal?
  • How much do you want it?
  • What are you willing to do to achieve that goal?

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