What type of SuperHero Knowledge do you need to break through?

Iron Man’s power is the power of knowledge. He can learn things quickly, almost instantly but then can apply that specialized knowledge, identifying the principles and building theories without writing anything down.

The intriguing aspect of SuperHeroes is that each is the transformation of a seemingly normal human being.  Clark Kent become Superman, Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk and Tony Stark becomes Iron Man. But what is most intriguing about Iron Man is his command of knowledge. Others are very knowledgeable, like Batman and Superman, but  Iron Man has a highly focused ability to develop specialized knowledge. That is one of the superpowers that we need to break through.

In this series, we are discussing how we can develop our Super Hero ability to breakthrough.   Last week we discussed how to develop a Super Hero Attitude, this week we examine how to acquire Super Hero Knowledge to break through.

superhero-iron man

Iron Man’s Armor

To do the impossible we often have to go where we have never gone before. That means we must acquire specific knowledge for that venture. The knowledge we have, even though it has served us well, isn’t good enough. We need to go deeper or wider, often exploring outside of our comfort zone.

Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, was a highly educated individual, holding two master’s degrees by age 19. But two years later, his playboy lifestyle was disrupted when his parents were killed in a car accident. As this superhero story unfolds, Tony Stark becomes Iron Man in large part because his circumstances changed requiring him to develop his knowledge and skills. In the process, he built an exoskeleton, a suit of armor that could protect him. Had he not changed, he would have been eliminated by his enemies.

Iron Man’s strength comes in the exoskeleton that Tony Stark created. He found his superpowers through what he created when his very life was threatened. His knowledge became his armor.

In the same way, each one of us face threats to our very existence. In this world of rapid and radical change, if we do not dig deeper, becoming more of an expert in our chosen field and exploring new worlds of knowledge, we will be rendered useless in the workplace. To breakthrough, like Tony Stark, we must create our own Iron Man exoskeleton of knowledge.

Build Your Exoskeleton of Knowledge

Contemplate the breakthrough you desire. What specialized knowledge do you need? (Choose as many as you need.)

  • Cultural Sensitivity?
  • Building Loyal Followers?
  • Leading an Innovative Team?
  • Growing a Global Business?
  • Building a Platform?
  • Specific Technical Specifications?
  • Social Media Trends?
  • Corporate Networking Connections?
  • History of a Relationship or Project?
  • Investment Requirements?
  • Foreign Legal Considerations?
  • Other?

As you position yourself for a breakthrough, challenge yourself to acquire the specific knowledge you need to empower your own breakthrough. SuperHeroes are known for their superhuman powers.

What knowledge do you desire that will give you an unfair advantage?

What will you do to acquire that knowledge?

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Be B.O.L.D.

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader and Break Through

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