How can you build your “Justice League” to make your breakthrough?

Wouldn’t it be great to call on the Justice League whenever you needed help?

There are many times when we all struggle with uncooperative teammates, learning a new skill or launching a new product. We know we need a far more powerful team than we have. So what do we do?

In this series, I detail how you can create your seemingly impossible breakthrough by tapping building a team with Superpowers.  As leaders and managers we know the value of teams. From Human Resources to Entrepreneurs, CEO’s to front line workers, we know that breakthrough teams offer an array of special talents that make seemingly impossible things happen.

My passion and mission is to help individuals and organizations leverage their power to do what many think is impossible.

Today, we examine how to build a team of Superheroes as represented by the original Justice League.  

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Justice League of America

As you probably know, the Justice League is a fictional team of Superheroes who band together to protect individuals, communities and the entire world from harm. How can we build our own Justice League to break through? 

Who is the Justice League?

The original Justice League consisted of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash,  Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. I chose them because they serve as a model for

  • the impossible things we can do,
  • who we can become,
  • the role we play on our breakthrough team and
  • the team we need to break through.

“Great things happen when good people work together” Loren Murfield, Ph.D.

When building your breakthrough team, look for those that have the same powers as that original Justice League.

Green Lantern

Disruptive innovation requires an imagination, willpower and vision that blinds the competition. Green Lantern used those skills in a way that made him nearly invulnerable.  Those disruptive leaders like Elon Musk use it. We need those imaginative individuals. Who is your Green Lantern?

The Flash

In the current age of rapid and radical change, we need to do everything faster. The Flash was the fastest person on the planet. In the same way, to make our breakthrough, we need someone who is not only fast, but who can move the team at world-class pace. Who is the Flash on your team?

Wonder Woman.

Every team needs a trained fighter with superior movement,  mental and understanding skills. Wonder Woman was an astute fighter that knew how to use her bracelets and her understanding of opponents to ensure the victory.  Every team needs those skills when facing fierce opponents. Who is your Wonder Woman?

Note: Wonder Woman is the only female in the Justice League. While very diverse in every other way, this is where you can surpass the model. In pursuing seemingly impossible goals, we seek those that provide an advantage that we cannot offer. Build your team based on the Super powers you need, not uniformity of gender, race or any other category.


We all need someone who knows the specific niche audience we are pursuing. They live in an environment that is much different from the one we know. That means they can communicate freely and easily when we cannot. It almost seems like they have telepathic powers, communicating without ever saying a word.  Who is your Aquaman?  

Martian Manhunter

In breaking through to do what many consider “impossible,” we often need the ability to change shapes to whatever is most advantageous.  This ability to morph allows us to adapt to rapidly changing markets.  Unfortunately, many of us don’t like change, especially once we have a great idea.

That is where we need the Martian Manhunter, who not only holds this Superpower but possesses a wide variety of other abilities native to the Green Martian race such as superhuman strength, durability, flight, invisibility and telepathy.  For our purposes in this blog, we will only focus on only on that ability to change not only our appearance, but our structure and offerings.  Who is your Martian Manhunter that can help your team morph quickly?

Batman, a.k.a., Dark Knight.

Surprisingly enough, this person doesn’t have any  specific superhuman powers. Instead they have a unique blend of human skills that cross such lines as scientific knowledge, athletic ability, investigative insight and considerable wealth. Their value is not just one power but a diverse mix that allows them to do many different things well, making them a Superhero.  Who is your Dark Knight?


“Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound … It’s Superman!”

Disruptive innovation takes strength to lift obstacles no one else can. Having a team makes lifting easier and knowing how to leverage your leadership power will help you develop that Superpower.

Learn How to Leverage Your Leadership Power

Caution: Everyone wants someone to swoop in and save them. But expecting find a Superman or another Superhero to deliver your breakthrough is unrealistic.  We must become our own Superhero and build a team with Superpowers.

Follow this blog as I discuss how to develop these Superpowers.

Be B.O.L.D.

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader and Break Through

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I work with aspiring and emerging leaders to breakthrough and become disruptive leaders, doing the impossible by changing the paradigm of their thinking and telling powerful stories.  If that is your desire, contact me today. I have a program for every budget.

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