What Super Power could you use today?

Has it been one of those days where it seems impossible to make any progress on your breakthrough?

We all have those days where we could use some Superhero powers. In this series, we have been discussing what it takes to become that disruptive leader, breaking through to deliver the ultimate performance, production and profits. Today we examine 7 Superhero powers that are available to each of us if we choose to develop them. (I know, that sounds pretentious, but keep reading I will show you how.)


1. Leaping Tall Buildings: To Think Bigger 

Superman was known and respected for his ability to leap tall buildings. To make our breakthrough, we have to learn to make leaps that others think is impossible. Often that begins by thinking bigger and reaching higher. Look at the disruptive innovators. They create products and services that leave us wondering, “How did they do that?” How can you increase your leaping ability by thinking bigger?

2. Super Speed: to Run Down Opportunities and to Outrun Opponents

The Flash ran so fast he was a blur. Unfortunately, there are days where we don’t make our breakthrough because we don’t work fast enough.  Forget being a blur, we are just concerned about moving forward. If we are honest, many times that comes from working more inefficiently or procrastinating  How can you develop Super Speed?

3. Super Strength: to Move Massive Obstacles

The Hulk is the first one called when sheer strength is needed.  In many ways, as a leader, we are often asked to fix problems for others. But we have to be honest, there are those days when we just don’t seem to have enough strength to push the obstacles out of the way.  Maybe it is because we haven’t assembled or empowered our team to help us leverage the power we already have. How can you develop that Super Strength by developing your leverage?

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4. Empathy: to fully Comprehend the Moods and Emotions of Others.

Swamp Think and Lydia are known for their ability to detect the mood of others. That gives them a Superpower than we often don’t fully understand  or appreciate. As leaders we know we breakthrough with our team when we understand why people act as they do because we can then anticipate their needs and provide the innovation they want. Developing empathy is similar to the Superpower of Elasticity that gives us the ability to be more flexible. How can you develop that empathy?

5. Spider Webs: to Form a Hyper Strong Mesh to Fight Opponents. 

Spider Man wove webs that entangled many opponents. From a seemingly fragile fiber, strong opponents were neutralized. Disruptive leaders recognize that loyalty is not an outdated idea and use it to build a strong following that provides the edge in the marketplace.  Look at what Apple has done. How can you build hyper strength with your team (customers, employees, vendors)?

6. Super Intelligence: to Know Everything You Need to Know

Brainiac commands respect because of his knowledge. Interestingly enough, with disruptive leaders, it is not their I.Q. that separate them but the thirst for knowledge. They are passionate and persistent in seeking out the knowledge they need about people, products and processes to create what others haven’t even dreamed about. How can you gain the knowledge you need?

7. Invisibility: The Ability to be Unseen by the Human Eye

There are many times where we wished we could be invisible like  Sue Storm and Prophet, avoiding trouble and gaining an advantage.  We can create disruptive innovation when we find markets that the mainstream ignores. When we emerge, it takes them by surprise, wondering where we have been.  How can you develop that ability to go undetected by the mainstream by catering to niche markets?

Be B.O.L.D.

Be Decisive

Become the Disruptive Leader and Break Through

I am Dr. Loren Murfield and I work with aspiring and emerging leaders to breakthrough and become disruptive leaders, doing the impossible by changing the paradigm of their thinking and telling powerful stories.  If that is your desire, contact me today. I have a program for every budget.

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