This is My 100th Blog Post: What is the Significance?

celebrate 1This post marks the 100th time I have posted on this blog.  What is the significance?  Why should we care about my reaching this particular number?

The number 100 is significant in our society for many reasons.  Let’s take a look at a few.

In school, to score a 100 on many school exams meant a perfect score.  We can’t beat perfect so that is a reason to celebrate. Although 100 blogs is not perfect, it is a reason to celebrate.

Speaking of celebration, we love to celebrate 100th birthdays.  Since very few reach this mark, it is worthy of the balloons and noisemakers.  Did you realize that the 2010 census reported 53,364 Americans were celebrate 100 2over 100 years old?  That is pretty impressive but what was of the most interest to me was where these people lived.  By sheer numbers, we find more in California, New York and Florida.  Due to those three states having large populations, that might not be all that surprising.  But what state has the highest percentage of centenarians?    North Dakota leads with 3.29 percent followed by my home state, South Dakota with 2.95 percent.  Iowa and Nebraska are not far behind.  The extreme cold and heat might just foster longevity in a way we hadn’t acknowledged.  That is something to celebrate.

Wikipedia lists several other ways in which we value this unique number.

  • In math, 100 is the base for all percentages so 100% is complete and perfect.
  • In politics, we have 100 senators and the first 100 days is the benchmark of a President’s administration.  (Maybe 100 isn’t so perfect.)
  • When a television show reaches its 100th episode, it is considered ready for syndication. (I imagine that is a reason to celebrate for those getting royalty checks.)
  • In American football, the field is 100 yards long (Excluding the end zones where the touchdown celebrations take place.)

So what is the significance of 100 blog posts?  

(or for that matter, what is the significance of anything we do?)

It definitely does not mean I am perfect or running for office.

I would love if it meant a royalty check is coming soon.

But seriously, does this mean I’m just getting started?

Or does it mean that people will judge my ultimate success by what I have written so far?

Maybe to those bloggers who have posted 1000 times, 100 isn’t significant.

Maybe to those who have never blogged, this is a model to follow.question mark 2

Maybe the significance is that I wrote the first blog post, not necessarily the 100th.

Maybe it is not what I have written so far but what I will write next.

Maybe the significance is that I kept writing instead of quitting when I wasn’t getting enough comments.

Maybe it is more important that just one blog post touched your life than that I reached 100 posts.

Maybe it was significant that I have blogged about leadership, compassion or opportunity.

Maybe it was significant that I blogged about tragedies or triumphs, history or the future.

Maybe it was significant that I blogged to help you find your incredible opportunity that will allow you to Unleash the Ultimate.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.  You be the judge.  After all, we measure our own success and determine our own significance.  Maybe that s what is the actually most important – this blog is about what helps you – not what a certain number means to me. 

Maybe the more appropriate questions then are, “What is significant to you?”  “What are you doing to realize that significance?” 

If this post has been significant to you, please share and like it with the buttons below.  Be sure to leave a comment.  This blog is really not about me – it is about how I can help you.  When all is said and done, I blog because I have a message to share, a message to help you:

 Transform your Thinking

Re-engineer Your Thoughts about Change

Sense and Seize those Incredible Opportunities

Unleash the Ultimate ™

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But don’t just Think About it – take the Smart Action. 

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